bert and quinn <3

MCR acoustic at 98.7 penthouse

My chemical romance acoustic for the first time :0 wow
andddddd wait for it..... gerard's actually NOT wearing that top thingy he calls a t-shirt lol i think, well he is wearing a denim jacket at least :)

and Frankie's hair awwww sooo great, suits him well :) he looks smoking haha
okay enough of my talking, here they are playing, summer time, helena and i'm not okay acoustic.With some random questions being asked and a couple of pictures. Enjoy! :)

More behind the cut :)


MCR acoustic, questions and pictures :)
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bob blood


So I've been totally out of the loop MCR-wise for what feels like forever, it took me months just to find out Bob had left the band, (you'd think graduating college would give you more time, not less) and I have a question that has been nibbling at my brain for a while.

Who the heck did they replace Bob with? I know who ever it is isn't 'officially' part of the band, seeing as he is not in the promo shots/video, but there must be someone playing on tour and on the album, and do any of you lovely fans who are able to spend much more time than I on the computer, have any idea who it is? Is it a nobody? Someone from another band?

Please, my total lack of information is making me a sad panda indeed!
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Steppin on the Crack!

Hey, just a quick question here, I could have sworn I read somewhere that Gerard had broken his back years ago and was almost paralyzed. Yet a google search provides no evidence? Does anyone know anything about this or did I drag it out of the depths of my imagination?
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Is anybody going to talk about this?

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When Mikey Way twittered calling Adam Lambert of American Idol fame "Gerard's stunt double," he wasn't kidding.

During the AMA's not only did he kiss a man, but grabbed the head of his kneeling guitar player, the spitting image of Frank Iero, right down to the hair cut, and shoved his face in his crotch. At first glance it could easily be taken for Gerard and Frank.

Why are the AMA's awash in controversy when MCR has been doing this same routine for years? Because they only do it in front of their paying fans and not on live TV award shows?

Or was it the naughty bdsm style lyrics:

"Can your handle what I'm gonna do?
It's about to get rough for you."

It's clear MCR has been a huge influence on Lambert. He might even have a crush on the band. Can't wait for the slash fics.